The band Throw The Goat, its friends and its fans are collectively known as The Goat Tribe. It is a very close-knit community with chapters all over the globe. We party together, rock out together and help each other out. The Goat Tribe helps the band by promoting and attending shows in their area; as well as informing local promoters, radio stations, clubs, and fellow music fans of TTG's music and upcoming gigs. Members of The Goat Tribe have shared their homes and liquor cabinets with the touring band. Members of The Tribe have traveled thousands of miles to see TTG perform. The band helps The Tribe by providing promotional material, free gigs and many other priceless rewards. Fill in your email address below to join The Tribe and get updates from TTG!


A punk band? A stoner rock band? A thrash metal band? Maybe a ridiculous new genre with a nod to their Idyllwild mountain roots, like "forest-core"? So many people disagree on how to classify the type of music Throw The Goat creates. With comparisons to such varying bands as Motorhead, Zeke, The Bronx, Every Time I Die, The Dictators, Valient Thorr and Mondo Generator - it's hard to put a finger on what really defines TTG's sound. On their new EP, titled VOTE GOAT, tempers are flaring as the band takes on topics from political unrest ["Ameritude"] to drug abuse ["Jackwagon"] to Silicon Valley and the music industry ["Radio"]. VOTE GOAT is due November 4th via the band's own label Regurgitation Records.