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Brian "Puke" Parnell - Guitar/Lead Vocals

Troy Whitford - Drums/Percussion/Vocals

Derek Wade Timmons - Bass/Vocals

Throw The Goat has become a staple of the rock music scene in Southern California's Coachella Valley. What began brewing inauspiciously in the tiny mountain town of Idyllwild eventually spilled over into the Valley and across the globe. In the early days, people would see TTG defy genre boundaries by regularly performing at heavy metal dive bars, backyard punk gigs and stoner rock showcases around SoCal and the Southwest. The next thing you knew, The Goat was touring the UK, finding favor with new audiences and foreign press around Europe. From the time the band formed in 2011 through the release of their debut album Black Mountain in 2012 and up until the end of their UK tour in the summer of 2013, it seemed like there was nothing that could slow down the momentum of Throw The Goat.

Anyone who's been in a band probably knows what's coming next.

The first lineup change was the departure of rhythm guitarist, Johnny Trash. Soon after TTG decided to carry on as a three piece, drummer Tim Olivier also left. Scott Snider was Tim's replacement for a couple years - recording drums for 2015's Blood Sweat & Beers album and 2016's Vote Goat EP - until Troy Whitford permanently filled the drum throne. After another year and the release of the 3rd full length album, The Joke's On Us in 2018, founding bassist/lead vocalist Mike Schnalzer was out as well. It seemed like the end for Throw The Goat.


Lead guitarist "Puke" and drummer Troy wanted to move forward to see if it would work with a new vocalist and a new bassist. Puke assumed the role of lead singer and Derek Wade Timmons was brought into the TTG fold as bassist. The new lineup of Throw The Goat began playing shows in mid/late 2019 and reintroducing itself to its worldwide fan base, affectionately known as The Goat Tribe. After an overwhelmingly positive response, the band got to work on compiling material for a new album. The plans for 2020 were hatched and the wheels put into motion for a huge year.

Despite the worldwide pandemic and having to scrap a July tour that had been booked, 2020 has almost gone as planned. Throw The Goat carried on with the release of the first single from the new album on March 3rd, 2020 aka Super Tuesday. The song, PPL Like U was accompanied by a music video featuring various band members from the Coachella Valley scene as caped crusaders, obliviously glued to their phones. The video had shot up to over 35k views by the June release of the next single, Don't Believe. Rumor has it that there will be a steady stream of new singles and music videos leading up to the autumn release of the new album, titled #VoteGoat2020: Capitol HELL


Derek Wade Timmons - Bass/Vocals

Bassist and sometime vocalist Derek Timmons crawled out from an Indiana coal mine in 2008 to make music in the California desert. He has recorded and/or performed with Robotic Humans, Half Astro, Town Troubles and Diesel Boots, has led the way in Sleazy Cortez since 2010 and can currently be caught marauding as a part of Death In Pretty Wrapping, Grins and Lies and the almighty Throw the Goat. He Is a Leo who enjoys cheap beer and outdoor couches.

Troy Whitford - Drums/Percussion

Troy Anthony Whitford was born in Glendale, CA and grew up in the Coachella Valley. He is currently the drummer for Throw the Goat and is the owner and operator at Behind The Back Slap and Cockroach Alley Productions. Troy has been drumming most of his life. He started in a band called “The Anthropoids” when he was 15. “We played in a garage in Palm Desert, we were a typical 90’s grunge punk band. We never played a show. I was self taught (I play by ear), From there I kept progressing into other bands that were so different from each other.” Troy grew up listening to bands like; Propagandhi, NOFX, Bad Religion, The Offspring, Choking Victim, Good Riddance, Pennywise and Strung Out. “Those bands were an inspiration to me but I also challenged myself by playing other things; like jazz music.” He actually plays his drums with 7A’s which is very unusual for playing rock music. This helps him play faster and create more intricate subtleties that bring life to his music. Over the years Troy has played in over a dozen different bands in genres ranging from punk rock to bebop jazz to blues and even to backbeat funk. He is currently in 3 other bands; The Sweat Act, 5th Town and an 80’s cover band called Long Duk Dong. Some past acts that Troy has played in over the years include Josh & The Motards 2002-2004, Rayos Del Sol 2004-2006, Studio Drummer for 30 Miles From Somewhere Studios 2006-2007, (Genna & The Los Wheyos Funquedos, Irie Beats, and Hunter The Feather), Babelshack 2007-2009, Raymond Blanchet Trio 2008-2009, Famous Psychos 2015, The Oneders 2018. 

Brian "Puke" Parnell - Guitar/Lead Vocals

I was born "Brian Parnell" in Seattle, WA to two crazy kids who were raised on rock music of the 60s and 70s. While also playing in punk and metal garage bands as a kid, I grew up around my dad's guitar repair business and eventually became a touring guitar technician straight out of high school. After ten years of traveling with massive rock bands, living in multiple countries and learning the ins and outs of the music industry, I was back in one of my favorite towns - Idyllwild, California - to get some gear out of my ex's old house. As luck would have it, several of my Idyllwild homies were getting together for a jam. Mike and Tim were looking for a guitarist or two to start a band with, Johnny and I happened to both randomly be in town. It all came together pretty quickly and we had huge local support from the get go. It felt so amazing to finally be performing and applying all the shit I'd learned from ten years toiling on the sidelines as a guitar tech. Fast forward to now, it's getting close to ten years with TTG and things are going really well. We're really lucky to have such supportive fans. And it also helps that we just refuse to give up. The power of the riff is too compelling!


It was also a dream come true to launch Regurgitation Records in 2012 and it's thrilling to see what that's turning into. Plus the great bands that I get to work with at Emesis Studios, the madness of coordinating the Idyllwild Strong Festival and everything else I've got going on... Music isn't a living. Music is life!


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